Discover the Authentic Taste of Live Crawfish in Dallas with Us

When the craving for crawfish hits, there’s only one place to turn in Dallas: Heads or Tails Cajun Crawfish. As lovers of this delectable delight, we understand the unique flavor and experience that only authentic Cajun crawfish can offer. And for all those in Dallas who share this love, we’re here to bring that Louisiana charm right to your doorstep.

Our journey with crawfish started over 25 years ago. Boiling crawfish is not just a business for us—it’s a tradition, an art, and above all, a passion. Hailing from Thibodaux, Louisiana, we’ve carried forward a legacy of offering the true experience of a Cajun crawfish boil. And now, we are set on sharing this rich tradition with the vibrant community of Dallas.

For those unfamiliar with crawfish, you might wonder, why order live crawfish? The answer lies in the freshness. When you order live crawfish, you’re getting the promise of quality, flavor, and the authentic experience of Southern Louisiana. The taste of freshly boiled crawfish, seasoned just right, is something every food lover should experience.

Our dedication to quality is uncompromising. We believe Texans should not only get a taste but a full-blown sensory experience of true Southern Louisiana boiled crawfish. From the tantalizing smell that fills the air as they cook to the joy of peeling and tasting each one, it’s an experience like no other.

For our fellow Cajuns in Texas, we see it as our duty to transport you back to Louisiana with every bite. We aim to replicate not just the taste, but the warmth, atmosphere, and camaraderie that comes with an authentic Cajun crawfish boil.

But our services aren’t limited to individual orders. We cater! If you’re looking to make your next event memorable, what’s better than a traditional crawfish boil? Whether it’s a backyard party, a community gathering, or any event under the Texan sun, we’re ready to serve. Our custom-built catering rigs can handle any crowd, ensuring that everyone gets their fill.

Ready to dive into a plate of the best crawfish Dallas has to offer? Reach out to us at (469) 450-5617 or connect with us through our website at: We guarantee an honest, reliable, and utterly delicious experience. So, the next time you think of ordering live crawfish in Dallas, remember us at Heads or Tails Cajun Crawfish.