Yes, we are a fully insured company.

Yes, we travel everywhere. We even get hired to cater company events in Louisiana.

We only use crawfish that come from Louisiana. The State of Louisiana produces the highest per-capita of crawfish compared to any other state. Rest assured that you will only be served fresh Louisiana crawfish.

We usually figure on an average of 3 – 4 pounds of crawfish per person. Unless you consume crawfish at the rate of a typical cajun, which can substantially increase that number.

Crawfish are seasonal with U.S. production from November to June, with peak supplies in April and May. There are numerous factors, such as time of season, amounts of rainfall and even drought which can influence the price of crawfish per pound. Due to the fluctuation in price, please call or email us for pricing.

We are able to accept credit card, check transfer, and cashier check payments via PayPal (The PayPal link is located on the Contact page). We can also accept cash, check or cashier check on the day of the event for the remaining balance minus the deposit.

Crawfish have quantities of flavorful fat in the head. This fat is generally used as a basis for many of the rich sauces that are traditional with crawfish.

Yes, this is one of the things I look forward to. I enjoy seeing people learn how to peel and eat crawfish meat from inside.

Crawfish have a mild flavor and a fairly firm texture. Their flavor is enhanced by my own original recipe of cajun spices in their preparation.

We have 2 trailers that are capable of boiling 2,500 lbs of crawfish per hour. The site will need adequate space to accommodate the trailer with access to a common water hose faucet.